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Career Coaching and Counseling

Why Career Coaching?
Because our career and our ability to earn an income are a part of almost every element of our lives. Our career identifies who we are and how we represent ourselves in the world. But it's not just about our earning potential and having the lifestyle we want. It's also about having a purpose, feeling that we are using our unique skills and talents well, and that we are fulfilled and validated by our work. As a Career Coach/Counselor, I provide concrete action plans for each client's specific career needs including strategies, tools, resources, and assessment, as well as guidance and support with any emotional challenges related to career.   
*How can you help me as my Career Coach? 

Here are some of the career challenges that my clients bring to coaching:

  • Job Search: job search strategies and resources; assessment of no (or low) application response    
  • Interview Preparation: how, what, why, of nailing the job 
  • Overcoming Objections: how to overcome objections (age, termination, employment gaps, etc.)  
  • Resume & Cover Letter: review, development, revision, styles & strategies 
  • Marketing/Networking: strategies for making connections, tapping into hidden job market 
  • Career Assessment: selection/indecision, career change, skills/values identification
  • Salary Negotiation: how to convey worth & value on the job, or as a new job candidate
  • Workplace Relationships: help with on the job stress, conflicts with co-workers
  • Career Transition: career change, re-entering the workforce, recent graduate, pre/post retirement 
  • Career/Life Balance: career, relationship, family, health, & social life balance 

What are your qualifications as a Career Coach and Career Counselor?

My formal training includes a Master's Degree in Career Counseling from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS, 2005). I have taught graduate-level students in this same program as an adjunct faculty member in the CSUS Career Counseling program. I have additional work experience as a Career Coach/Counselor for over 16 years in several capacities including executive-level professional offices, college and high school campuses, community-based career programs, and in my private practice. My previous career experience in sales, marketing, recruiting, business management, and healthcare has also provided me with a strong information base for understanding the career market and economic challenges that job seekers face today.

I am additionally trained and experienced as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #49952) with a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from CSUS in 2005. I received certification from the Coach's Training Institute (CTI) in 2006 as a Career/Life Coach. (Please see "My Profile" page for additional information.)

What is the difference between a Career Coach and a Career Counselor? 

Both terms are used to describe a person who helps clients with concerns or challenges related to their career. A Career Coach/Counselor may or may not have formal training for providing career services, as this industry is not regulated by licensure or mandatory formal training. Often Career Coaches/Counselors are experientially trained by their career knowledge in various aspects of business while on the job.  

  • Career Coach or  Career Counselor can help with all the fundamental needs of job search or other career needs by providing tools, resources and action plans.
  • Career Counselor has received formal training to help clients with emotional concerns that may be connected to their career, in addition to training in all the fundamental tools related to career needs. 

Do I need both?
Not necessarily, however choosing a Coach/Counselor who has training, experience, and insight in both areas will provide a more comprehensive level of service to support your career needs.     

*Telehealth options for video or phone sessions available during COVID-19 concerns until in-office sessions can resume. *To protect your privacy and confidentiality, a HIPPA-compliant video host site is used for your sessions.   

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